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Take Control of Your Windows Networking and Disable DHCP

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What to Know

  • Press the Windows + x keys and click on Settings > Network & Internet > Select a connection > Properties > Edit to entry DHCP settings.
  • Alternatively, go to Control Panel > Networking and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings.
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This article explains the right way to disable DHCP in Windows 10, why you’d wish to do that, and the right way to re-enable it if issues do not work out.

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Disabling DHCP for a Connection in Windows

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If you are working a typical residence community, then your gadgets obtain their IP addresses by way of the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). This means they’re assigned an IP handle after they connect with the community, and might the truth is obtain a very totally different one the following time.

Whether or not your machine will use DHCP or not is a setting distinctive to every connection. In different phrases, for those who flip off DHCP on your wired connection, all of your wi-fi connections will proceed to make use of DHCP till you do the identical.

To flip off DHCP for a connection in Windows:

  1. Press the Windows + x keys, then choose Settings.

  2. Click to the Network & Internet merchandise.

  3. Click on the (wired or wi-fi) community connection (akin to Ethernet) you wish to configure, then click on the Properties button.

    Selecting a Network Connection from Network & Internet in Windows Settings.

  4. Within the small print for the connection you may see the IP settings part. Click the Edit button you may discover there.

    Configuring a Network Connection in Windows Settings.

  5. In the Edit IP settings dialog the connection will most definitely be configured as Automatic. Click the drop-down and change it to Manual.

    Switching the IP Settings from Automatic to Manual in Windows Settings

  6. You’ll see two toggle switches present up, one for IPv4, and one for IPv6. You can allow both or each of these, the method is similar for every. We’ll click on the one for IPv4 for the needs of the following step.

  7. A slew of new fields will seem. you may must fill these out to incorporate at the very least the IP handle (the handle you need the machine to have, of course), the Subnet prefix size (this describes the class of the community, attempt 24 right here, and if that does not work, 16), Gateway (the handle of your router machine, most definitely, and Preferred DNS (you should utilize one offered by your ISP, or attempt Google’s if you cannot discover one:

  8. Click Save to commit the change.

You may set the identical setting for a community connection from the Control Panel > Networking and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings. Select your required connection and click on the Change settings of this connection button. Then click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) possibility (however do not clear the checkbox), and click on the Properties button. This provides you with a dialog just like the one you noticed in Settings, simply within the “old school” Windows fashion. Note you possibly can set IPv6 in the identical approach.

Enabling DHCP in Windows

While it is one thing of an enterprise to disable DHCP for a connection, it is a lot simpler to re-enable it.

  1. Return to Settings > Network & Internet, and click on the Properties button for community connection.

  2. Click the Edit button within the the IP settings part for the connection.

  3. The Edit IP settings dialog will comprise your prior configs. Click the drop-down on the high of the dialog and swap it from Manual again to Automatic.

How DHCP Works

Most fashionable networking tools is configured to behave as a DHCP server by default. These gadgets, like your house router, will hear for brand spanking new gadgets on the community which might be requesting an IP handle. They’ll then assign that handle, and be certain that it is reserved and does not get assigned to anything.

On the flip facet, most pc and cell machine OSes are additionally arrange by default to be DHCP shoppers, or to request an IP handle from a DHCP server as quickly as they connect with a community. This is what lets you merely plug in an Ethernet cable or connect with a wi-fi community and be “on the ‘Net” – no fuss, no muss.

Reasons to Turn DHCP Off

But DHCP by its nature means your machine might have totally different addresses over time, and there are some causes you may not need this. A main instance is for those who’re working a server, akin to a self-hosted net server.

You’ll want a constant option to contact stated server, and the simplest path to realize that’s to provide it a static IP handle, i.e. you may truly configure the machine with an IP handle your self. On the plus facet, this implies you’ve management over which handle your machine receives. However, you may should be cautious with these configurations, particularly relating to not duplicating any addresses.

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