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How to Know if You Need a New Modem

Electronic units that run extra usually and have a heavier thermal load have a tendency to degrade sooner than others. Modems fall into this class.

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Can a Modem Go Bad?

Most individuals go away modems working 24 hours a day, even after they’re sleeping. The modem always communicates with the ISP and handles site visitors between any gadget in your house which will routinely join to the web. It could embody cellular units, good dwelling units, and extra.

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Because of this, the modem runs sizzling. That warmth shortly degrades the digital elements contained in the modem. Most modems present failure indicators earlier than they shut down for good.

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Before you do any troubleshooting, be sure to reset your router to manufacturing facility defaults. Doing this resolves most modem issues. If it would not, then the troubleshooting suggestions beneath will allow you to establish a unhealthy modem.

How to Tell if Your Modem Is Bad

If your web drops out usually, or your modem routinely restarts itself, you possibly can be dealing with a failing modem. The following steps will allow you to establish if your modem is failing and whether or not it is best to change it earlier than it dies totally.

  1. Your web is slowing down dramatically. It’s often one of many first indicators your modem could also be on the way in which out. First, name your ISP and make sure what your account’s obtain and add switch charges needs to be. Next, join an ethernet cable out of your pc to a numbered community port on the modem. Turn off Wi-Fi in your pc to make sure you’re connecting to the web by way of ethernet. Open Google Search and kind “internet speed test,” and choose Run Speed Test. If the ensuing obtain and add speeds are far beneath what you need to be getting, this may increasingly point out a failing modem.

    Screenshot of Google internet speed test.

  2. Overheating is a widespread signal your modem can not cool correctly as failing electrical elements have a tendency to warmth up extra. To check if that is taking place, go away your modem working for at the least a full day. Then, place your naked hand on the aspect of the modem. If it is too sizzling to contact, your modem may very well be failing, and it is time to change it.

    Not having sufficient area round your modem might additionally lead to overheating. So earlier than doing this “touch test,” be sure you go away the modem working for a whereas with loads of area round it for correct cooling.

  3. Every modem options administrative troubleshooting instruments. These often embody an errors log. Another signal of extreme modem issues is frequent crucial errors within the errors log. Access this log by logging into your modem as administrator and looking to the superior administration part. Look for an Event Log or Error Log within the navigation menu. If you see a lengthy checklist of crucial errors each day, it is a signal both the modem software program or {hardware} is failing.

    Screenshot of modem event log

  4. Check your modem lights. Modem lights every have a important operate. These lights let you know if the modem is related to the ISP, transmitting as a Wi-Fi community (if it additionally serves as a router), and sending knowledge. If the highest mild labeled “Cable,” “Cable Link,” or “WAN” (“DSL” or “Phone” for a DSL modem) doesn’t mild up, however your ISP tells you the connection appears to be like fantastic, your modem may very well be defective. When the info switch mild (often labeled “Activity,” “Data,” or “PC Link”) just isn’t flashing even whenever you’re utilizing the web, this will point out the modem is beginning to fail.

    Image of modem lights

    TolgaMadanGetty Images

  5. The modem ceaselessly resetting by itself is a widespread signal it isn’t in high form. Some issues to verify earlier than changing your modem embody a unfastened energy connection or defective energy adapter, a unhealthy incoming cable connection (coax cable) from the wall, overheating (as talked about above), or an overworked modem.

    Image of modem power light

    Jens DomschkyGetty Images

  6. If your modem would not reply and all lights are on, that is a signal your modem is lifeless. The signs of a non-responsive modem embody:

    • No web entry whenever you join by way of Wi-Fi or with an ethernet cable
    • Inability to join to Wi-Fi (if it is a twin modem/router)
    • Inability to join to the modem utilizing the default gateway IP deal with

    Image of a router with power lights off

    Rosario Bergamasco / EyeEmGetty Images

    Always strive unplugging the modem, ready a full 60 seconds, after which plug the modem again in. If the identical unresponsive conduct continues after the restart, it is time to change the modem.


  • What’s the distinction between a modem and a router?

    To perceive how modems and routers differ, understand that modems join straight to the web, whereas routers join different units to Wi-Fi. Modems join to an ISP and convert its sign into a common one your pc can use. A router connects to a modem and creates a non-public community.

  • How do I reset a modem?

    To manufacturing facility reset your modem, which removes all its wi-fi settings and configurations, press the Reset button that is often positioned on the again or aspect of the gadget. For a much less drastic troubleshooting step, reboot or restart the modem: Unplug the {hardware}, wait 30 seconds, then plug it again in.

  • How do I join a router to a modem?

    To join a router to a modem, join your modem to the wall outlet by way of a coaxial cable, after which plug the included Ethernet cable into the router’s WAN/uplink port. Plug the opposite finish of the Ethernet cable into the modem, then plug within the modem’s and router’s energy cords.

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