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257 Good Words to Describe Yourself in EVERY Situation

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Between resumes, courting websites, and platforms like LinkedIn… we’re usually pressured to current a rapidly painted image of ourselves.  It’s only a snapshot of who we’re, however it is so vital.

I’m certain you’ve heard the saying, “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” And should you’re like me, you have had occasions if you wished you had the proper phrases to describe your self.  Or perhaps felt such as you blew it.

Being ready for these conditions will help. In this publish, I’ll offer you phrases to describe your self in quite a lot of conditions.

The Elevator Pitch is in Demand

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Back in the day, the best way to “quickly, but accurately describe your best qualities, was referred to as an elevator pitch”. Its a number of quick, succinct sentences you’ll say to somebody should you solely had about 30 seconds of an elevator experience with them. This elevator pitch was historically ready to be used in a job-related scenario.

Nowadays, whether or not it’s a website to meet dates or pals, or to entrepreneurially promote a services or products, there are such a lot of conditions the place you want to give somebody a window into who you’re.

Depending on the scenario or the social media platform, it’s not essentially a number of full sentences or much less which are anticipated. Its a number of phrases or much less. But whether or not it is a number of descriptive phrases or full sentences, you may need to use highly effective and compelling adjectives or nouns to describe your self.

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Today, nearly everybody has a model — one thing they’re making an attempt to market or promote. And normally, that model is themselves.

Your viewers, or the kind of website you are describing your self on, will decide which adjectives work greatest.

A job interview or resume is probably not the place to describe your self in the identical means as a web based courting website or different social media profile. And, though it could be completely wonderful to introduce your self to a brand new individual because the wild and loopy lifetime of the celebration, you in all probability don’t need to put that in your cowl letter.

Some phrases are good for any scenario. But there can be particular adjectives which are optimum in a scenario, and a few descriptive phrases which are counterproductive or much less efficient in that very same scenario.

I’ll break down totally different conditions and one of the best phrases for every. Of course, use your greatest judgment. Each part beneath could possibly be damaged down additional.

For instance, a job interview for a gross sales place could also be an excellent place to use phrases like, gregarious and persuasive. However, should you’re interviewing to be a librarian or work on an meeting line, it’s your decision to select totally different adjectives. 

257 Good Words to Describe Yourself in EVERY Situation

58 Words to Describe Yourself in a Job Interview, Resume, or Cover Letter

The interviewer will greater than probably ask you to inform them about you. You have a brief window of time to talk your greatest self in a means related to the job.

Whether it is the paper introduction or the precise interview, your purpose is to describe your self in knowledgeable and spectacular means that can persuade your reader or listener that it is you they need to add to their workforce.

You need to be assured, thorough, and sincere. But you need to stability that in opposition to sounding overly assured, conceited, and self-absorbed. You don’t need the interviewer to assume that you are a know-it-all who cannot be simply educated to do issues their firm’s means.  

Your purpose is to spotlight your greatest qualities and abilities. You additionally need to current expertise and skills that is probably not associated to the place, as in the event that they are all examples of how you’re the one who can greatest do the job.

Since the final function is identical for a canopy letter, resume, and job interview — to promote your self — these descriptions are perfect for all three. 

  1. People-person/Personable
  2. Original/Creative
  3. Artistic
  4. Resourceful
  5. Reliable
  6. Detail-oriented
  7. Persistent/Persevering
  8. Eager
  9. Strategic
  10. Motivated/Self-motivated
  11. Organized
  12. Self-aware
  13. Driven
  14. Thorough
  15. Ambitious
  16. Skilled/Skillful
  17. Persuasive
  18. Problem-solver
  19. Proactive
  20. Focused
  21. Patient
  22. Passionate
  23. Flexible
  24. Dedicated/Devoted
  25. Conscientious
  26. Structured
  27. Efficient
  28. Analytical
  29. Team-player
  30. Self-starter
  31. Disciplined
  32. Accomplished
  33. Methodical
  34. Professional
  35. Expert
  36. Proficient
  37. (*257*)
  38. Considerate
  39. Responsible
  40. Data-driven
  41. Experienced
  42. Results-oriented
  43. Collaborative
  44. Inventive
  45. Meticulous
  46. Punctual
  47. Thoughtful
  48. Dependable
  49. Accountable
  50. Emotionally Intelligent
  51. Ethical
  52. Leader
  53. Cooperative
  54. Tenacious
  55. Knowledgeable
  56. Bilingual
  57. Multilingual
  58. Quick-learner
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52 Words to Describe Yourself in an Online Dating Profile

No doubt you need to embody phrases that make you look fascinating to a mate. You don’t need to be so revealing or clear that there is nothing left to the creativeness, and even worse, you scare individuals away.

Similarly to if you’re describing your self professionally, you need to seem assured and optimistic, with out sounding cocky, conceited, or self-absorbed. You need to use phrases that current you as who you need to be seen as. You could even need to describe your self with phrases that describe what you need in a mate.

For instance, say you work-out and need others to see you as somebody who values staying in form. And, you need somebody who will take pleasure in an excellent sweat with you.

It is sensible to describe your self as bodily match or athletic. You can also like to sit round the home and watch TV, however calling your self a sofa potato could not convey that health and being energetic are a few of your key values.

On the opposite hand, should you’re not a lot into going out and socializing, and also you need to be sure your mate is okay staying house more often than not, homebody is a really perfect description.

Now, this half is somewhat daring. But should you’re making an attempt to meet somebody who accepts you for you — the nice and the dangerous — it is really okay to make lemons out of lemonade.

If you’ve some humorous flaws that may be offered playfully, go forward and embody them, particularly when you have an excellent humorousness and wish another person equally good-humored. It could provide help to entice that best individual you have been on the lookout for that really “gets” and accepts you for you.

I’ve tacked these daring, quirky, but lovable phrases that make you “you”, onto the top of the checklist in this part.

I’ve separated a few of the adjectives into male vs. feminine. This article lists the highest phrases that eHarmony discovered to be simpler at attracting a mate than others, primarily based on whether or not you are a person or girl.

Most phrases have been equally efficient or shut to equally efficient when utilized by both males or females. I checklist these, and different good descriptors, in the “Both” part.

Ladies First

  1. Sweet
  2. Easy-going
  3. Hard-working
  4. Energetic
  5. Rationale


  1. Intelligent
  2. Articulate
  3. Affectionate
  4. Warm
  5. Optimistic

What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander (Both)

  1. Physically match
  2. Funny
  3. Thoughtful
  4. Happy
  5. Creative
  6. Outgoing
  7. Passionate
  8. Spontaneous
  9. Perceptive
  10. Ambitious
  11. Optimistic
  12. Adventurous
  13. Trust-worthy
  14. Fun-loving
  15. Animal-lover
  16. Creative
  17. Down-to-earth
  18. Laid-back
  19. Kind
  20. Respectful
  21. Open-minded
  22. Sexy
  23. Bubbly
  24. Romantic
  25. Outdoorsy
  26. Homebody
  27. Social butterfly
  28. Genuine
  29. Health aware
  30. Witty
  31. Stable
  32. Outspoken
  33. Risk-taker
  34. Silly
  35. Quirky
  36. Perfectionist
  37. Goofy
  38. Awkward
  39. Eccentric
  40. Clumsy
  41. Rebellious
  42. Crazy
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51 Words to Describe Yourself in a Social Media Profile

As with some other self-presentation, you need to use phrases that make you look engaging and attention-grabbing. You need to current a optimistic image of who you need others to see you as. You additionally need to consider the kind of social media, and your function for having a profile on the platform.

So, a LinkedIn profile would use totally different phrases than Facebook. And, in case your function is to be playful, you’ll use totally different adjectives than in case your intentions are extra critical and strategic, like branding your self so to be an influencer.

Of course, this may get even extra difficult. Someone who desires to be recognized for making others snigger could use totally different phrases than somebody who desires to be recognized for serving to others shed extra pounds or selling a more healthy way of life. But listed here are some good phrases to use.

  1. Brave
  2. Artsy
  3. Musical
  4. Controversial
  5. Fearless
  6. Dreamer
  7. Go-getter
  8. Self-made
  9. Down-to-earth
  10. Approachable
  11. Candid
  12. Activist
  13. Fabulous
  14. Strong
  15. Positive
  16. Entrepreneur
  17. Foodie
  18. Queen
  19. Blogger
  20. Athletic
  21. Unique
  22. Thrill-seeker
  23. World-traveler
  24. Bookworm
  25. Health aware
  26. Gamer
  27. Movie buff
  28. (Noun) geek (e.g., comedian e-book geek, IT geek)
  29. One-of-a-kind
  30. Carefree
  31. Daring
  32. Optimistic
  33. Active
  34. Influencer
  35. Visionary
  36. Trend-setter
  37. Sight-seer
  38. Funny
  39. Fashionista
  40. Cartoon-lover
  41. Realist
  42. Advocate
  43. Game-changer
  44. Explorer
  45. Spiritual
  46. Connoisseur
  47. A boss
  48. Upbeat
  49. Animal-lover
  50. Outgoing
  51. Idealistic
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42 Words to Describe Yourself When Meeting New People 

Besides your title, what else are you able to inform individuals if you first meet? You in all probability need to preserve it quick and candy since this can be a time if you’re equally making an attempt to study each other. You can work descriptive phrases in because the dialog flows.

  1. Social Butterfly
  2. Northerner
  3. Southerner
  4. Chilled
  5. Courteous
  6. Respectful
  7. Patient
  8. Easy-going
  9. Flexible
  10. Observant
  11. Friendly
  12. Level-headed
  13. Direct
  14. Open
  15. Sensible
  16. Sincere
  17. Shy
  18. Spontaneous
  19. Versatile
  20. Unconventional
  21. Dream-chaser
  22. Good-humored
  23. Busy
  24. Cheerful
  25. Talkative
  26. Conversationalist
  27. Animated
  28. Youthful
  29. Practical
  30. Fanatical
  31. Sensitive
  32. Caring
  33. Fair
  34. Logical
  35. Encouraging
  36. Objective
  37. Intuitive
  38. Humble
  39. Quiet
  40. Non-judgmental
  41. Futuristic
  42. Accommodating
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54 Fun, Random Words to Describe Yourself

Sometimes you simply wanna have enjoyable! Just posted your wild night time on Instagram? Maybe you are making an attempt to lighten the temper or cheer another person up. Maybe you are making an attempt to cheer your self up. 

These decisions are playful, and a few could also be painfully, however humorously, sincere. We cannot take ourselves too critically on a regular basis. There’s positively a time and place for the whole lot.

Check this checklist out. Just so long as it is not a resume or job interview, I’m certain you could find a spot to put these descriptors to good use. But then once more, should you’re making an attempt to get a job as a comic or actuality present character, these phrases may be excellent.

  1. Feisty
  2. Random
  3. Crazy
  4. Unpredictable
  5. Impulsive
  6. Sassy
  7. Hysterical
  8. Jokester
  9. Goofball
  10. Prankster
  11. Cheesy
  12. Wacky
  13. Random
  14. Colorful
  15. Glamorous
  16. Drama-queen
  17. Silly
  18. Sarcastic
  19. Spunky
  20. Trickster
  21. Playful
  22. Rebel
  23. Classy
  24. Strange
  25. Unusual
  26. Different
  27. Psychic
  28. Groupie
  29. Pessimist
  30. Facetious
  31. Amusing
  32. Nosey
  33. Troublemaker
  34. Rule-breaker
  35. Clumsy
  36. Creepy
  37. Bizarre
  38. Kinky
  39. Fun
  40. Enjoyable
  41. Cool
  42. Whimsical
  43. Easily-distracted
  44. Attention-grabber
  45. Couch-potato
  46. People-watcher
  47. Nerd
  48. Party-girl
  49. PK (preacher’s child)
  50. Teacher’s pet
  51. Recluse
  52. Loner
  53. Unfiltered
  54. Unparalleled
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Final Thoughts on Words to Describe Yourself

People normally publish photos that make their lives look excellent, or discuss an excellent recreation. It’s tempting to attempt to describe your self the identical means.

But preserve in thoughts that we do not see what’s not posted, or what’s left unsaid. People aren’t as fast to publish their flaws and skeletons. So, whereas it’s okay to intensify one of the best components of you – your strengths – keep in mind to be each flattering and sincere. This will work throughout most conditions.

Check out these quotes on being your self for inspiration and the encouragement you want to embrace and current your true self.

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257 Good Words to Describe Yourself in EVERY Situation

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