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What the Lights and Symbols on Your Modem and Router Mean

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Internet modems function all kinds of symbols and LED lights whose meanings can change relying on their shade and exercise. For instance, modem lights blinking quick can imply one thing utterly totally different than a lightweight that’s steady or not on in any respect.

This article will break down what modem gentle colours imply, learn how to learn the symbols on a modem and present extra useful resource hyperlinks to in style web supplier modem manuals and help paperwork.

The information on this article applies to each modem and modem/router hybrid units.

Modem Light Colors Explained

The LED lights on modems talk the performance and exercise on the web system. Specific colours can present which points of the system or web service work, if there’s an error or if one thing is damaged or offline.

The which means of modem gentle colours varies tremendously relying on the particular modem mannequin and the web service supplier used. The record under is a information for primary understanding solely.

Here are a few of the extra frequent modem gentle colours and what they will imply.

  • Green: A inexperienced modem gentle often signifies modem energy, an energetic web connection, a confirmed pairing with one other system, an energetic cellphone line, or a powerful web sign.  
  • Blue: Blue modem lights can present a firmware replace is in progress, the modem is connecting to a different system for pairing, a supplier has been detected, and the connection course of has begun, the connection course of has been accomplished, and a cellphone name is in progress. 
  • Orange: An orange modem gentle typically signifies (however not nice) web connection, the early phases of the connection course of after turning a modem on, when cellphone service is disconnected, however emergency calls are nonetheless attainable, and the pairing course of has begun.
  • Red: Red modem gentle meanings can imply an overheated modem, there being a service error, a weak web connection, no web connection, PPP authentication failed, setup failure, and cellphone service being utterly disconnected.
  • White: A white LED gentle is usually used on modems to point energy, the pairing course of has begun, the modem making an attempt to detect a service supplier and connect with the web, and a firmware improve being in progress.

Modem Lights Meaning

As with the LED colours, modem lights blinking quickly or shining a steady gentle may also have totally different meanings.

  • Stable Modem Lights: Usually, a gradual modem gentle that isn’t blinking means its related perform is working accurately or has completed. However, a gradual crimson or orange modem gentle, as talked about above, might point out one thing is flawed or wants fixing.  
  • Modem Lights Blinking: A blinking or flickering modem gentle, relying on its shade, might point out functioning web exercise, a connecting or pairing exercise in progress, or a cellphone handset that’s picked up or off the hook. Sometimes reasonable modem gentle blinking can imply the starting of a course of, whereas sooner blinking can point out the finish section of a course of. 
  • Off/No Light: If a modem’s LED gentle is totally off, this often means an absence of energy, full disconnection from a supplier or one among its companies, or a function has been disabled. While it sounds counterintuitive, no lights typically point out the modem is working accurately.

An off modem gentle isn’t at all times a nasty factor, although. For instance, in the event you don’t want to make use of an Ethernet cable and don’t have one related, it could make sense for the Ethernet gentle to be off. Similarly, in the event you don’t have a landline cellphone service by way of your web supplier, you don’t want to fret about the cellphone line indicator gentle.

Modem Symbol Meanings

Some modems and modem-router hybrids function textual content labels above lights and icons to make understanding their meanings simpler. Many, nonetheless, don’t, which might make them ambiguous and complicated.

Modem and router symbols and lights.


Modem and router symbols will fluctuate from system to system although they often resemble these proven in the picture above. Here’s what every modem image means from left to proper.

  • Power. This image is fairly common and is on most modems and a wide range of different merchandise.
  • Wi-Fi and Internet: The which means of the second and third symbols can fluctuate relying on your modem mannequin. If you’ve got simply one among some of these symbols, it’s often in your web sign or connection. Two barely totally different variations can confer with your web sign and its Wi-Fi connection to different units or separate 2.5 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi indicators.
  • Internet: The fourth image, which appears like a planet with a hoop round it, sometimes refers to web connectivity. Sometimes this image is used to symbolize the WAN connection as properly. The @ image can also be generally used for this goal.
  • Ethernet: This fifth image represents a wired connection to the modem or router. Usually, an empty sq. refers to a WAN connection, whereas a field with a line placing by way of its backside facet, as proven above, refers to a LAN connection. A logo of three squares related by a line may also symbolize a LAN connection.
  • USB: The sixth image, a trident-like icon with the center line ending in a degree, represents a USB connection. There are numerous variations of the USB icon, however they often resemble this format.
  • WPS: Often, two arrows forming a circle symbolize WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup). WAP is a strategy to rapidly join units to your Wi-Fi by pushing a button at the rear of your router. The LED gentle will flip on briefly throughout this course of.  

Resources For Deciphering Modem Symbols

Modem fashions fluctuate tremendously, and most producers use their very own customized icons and symbols. If you’ve been caught making an attempt to know your Spectrum modem lights or don’t perceive the Arris modem lights’ which means, that is in all probability why.

Here are the hyperlinks to the official modem gentle guides for a number of of the hottest web suppliers that will help you additional perceive your modem lights.


  • What if all my modem lights are inexperienced, however I’ve no web connection?

    The first step is to show off and unplug your modem. Then, wait quarter-hour earlier than hooking every part again up. If all the lights flip inexperienced once more, troubleshoot your system’s settings.

  • What lights ought to be on if my modem is working accurately?

    Modem indicators fluctuate by producer, however sometimes, a router with web and Wi-Fi connection will present stable inexperienced or blue lights close to the energy, web, and Wi-Fi symbols. Your modem would possibly present extra lights, relying on its connections and capabilities.

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