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How to Forget a Network in Windows 11

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What to Know

  • Click the community icon on the taskbar > community button in the fast settings menu > right-click a community > Forget.
  • Right-click the community icon on the taskbar, choose Network and web settings > Wi-Fi > Manage identified networks > Forget.
  • To overlook all networks: Open the command immediate and enter netsh wlan delete profile title=* i=*
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This article explains how to overlook a community on Windows 11. If you’re experiencing community connection issues, Wi-Fi community conflicts could also be at fault. If you power your gadget to overlook previous community connections and take away them from Windows’ listing of connections, that will repair your downside and permit you to get on-line once more.

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How Do I Completely Forget a Network in Windows 11?

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When you join to a community in Windows 11, it remembers it for the long run. That might lead to points (though not often) and conflicts which intrude along with your capacity to join to the web. If a connection has been misconfigured, the information Windows 11 remembers concerning the connection may trigger issues.

You can have Windows 11 fully overlook a community to repair these points. Windows 11 will then deal with the just-forgotten community as a model new connection. It gained’t strive to join routinely, and for those who select to be part of, it should deal with it as a new community.

Here’s how to fully overlook a community in Windows 11:

  1. Click the community icon in the motion heart on the taskbar.

    The network icon (computer with ethernet icon) highlighted on the taskbar.

  2. Click the community standing button (prime left).

    The network icon (top left) highlighted in the quick settings menu.

  3. Right-click the community you need to overlook.

    A network highlighted in Windows 11.

  4. Click Forget.

    Forget highlighted in Windows 11 list of Wi-Fi networks.

    If you choose the community you’re presently related to, your laptop will disconnect from the community instantly.

  5. Windows 11 will take away that community from its listing of connections.

How Do I Force a Network to Forget?

The listing of networks in the motion heart Wi-Fi menu solely consists of networks presently in connection vary, so you’ll be able to’t overlook a community that is out of vary. If you need to power a community to overlook, and it is not in the listing, you are able to do so from the Windows 11 settings app.

Here’s how to power Windows 11 to overlook a community from Settings:

  1. Right-click the community icon in the motion heart on the taskbar, and choose Network and web settings.

    Network and internet settings highlighted in the Windows network taskbar right-click menu.

  2. Click Wi-Fi.

    Wi-Fi highlighted in Windows 11 Network and internet settings.

  3. Click Manage Known Networks.

    Manage Known Networks highlighted in Windows 11 Wi-Fi settings.

  4. Locate the community you need to take away, and click on Forget.

    Forget highlighted in Windows 11 network management.

How to Delete All Networks in Windows 11

If you need to take away every little thing and begin contemporary, you are able to do so by utilizing the process from the earlier part and clicking on every community. That could be time-consuming if Windows 11 has a lot of saved networks, however there’s a sooner possibility that makes use of the Command Prompt. Using this technique, you’ll be able to have Windows 11 overlook each saved community directly.

Here’s how to delete all the saved networks in Windows 11:

  1. Open the Command Prompt.


  2. Type netsh wlan delete profile title=* i=*

    Clearing networks with the Windows 11 command prompt.

  3. Press Enter and all identified networks shall be purged. The eliminated networks shall be listed in the Command Prompt window.

    Removing networks in Windows 11 from the Command Prompt.

Why Clear Networks on Windows 11?

If you aren’t experiencing issues, then clearing out your saved networks is completely non-obligatory. Windows 11 routinely retains the information about networks it has seen, making it simpler to join to networks in the long run. The listing can get too lengthy, although, in case your laptop has been round and related to many various networks. Corrupt or incorrect community information may trigger connection issues.

The principal purpose folks clear networks on Windows 11 is to repair community issues on Windows 11. You might discover your laptop repeatedly connects to the unsuitable Wi-Fi community, or you’re unable to join to the community you need. You can typically repair connection issues you probably have Windows 11, overlook the networks you don’t need to use, or overlook a community you’re making an attempt to be part of.

People typically have Windows 11 overlook community connections as a result of they don’t need the gadget to join to the web. For instance, a guardian may need to lend a laptop computer to their baby for homework functions however forestall them from connecting to the web to keep away from distractions. A easy answer is to have Windows 11 overlook the community connection, so the person should reenter the Wi-Fi password to set up an web connection.


  • How do I modify the wi-fi community on Windows 11?

    Connect to a wi-fi community on Windows 11 from the Action Center > Manage Wi-Fi Connections > community title > Connect. You may change to a totally different community from Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Show Available Networks. To join from the Control Panel, choose Network & Internet > Connect to the Internet > community title > Connect.

  • How do I overlook a community on Windows 10?

    You can overlook a community on Windows 10 by accessing Network & Internet settings. Use the taskbar or management heart to get to these settings. Or, click on Start > Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Manage Known Networks > choose the community > Forget.

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