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5 Reasons You May Be Procrastinating…and How to Stop

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Procrastination: The hole between what we would like to do and what we really find yourself doing. Close the hole by figuring out your main cause for procrastinating!

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Although I do know so much about procrastination, I’m additionally a self-published creator with an educational background in artwork historical past and drawing.

Procrastination is laying aside duties we would like to do when we now have time for them. It’s not merely not having sufficient time to do issues. It’s additionally not laziness or inactivity, essentially. Someone can do one thing that appears outwardly productive, like doing dishes, so as to postpone doing one thing else. Procrastination then is avoiding a particular job. You have time for this job. You have power. What’s stopping you?

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Here, I’ve narrowed down 5 essential causes you may be procrastinating on sure duties.

1. You Need Better Planning

Has this ever occurred to you? You set a weekly plan for your self and schedule every minute of every day on Sunday evening. You’ve deliberate to stand up at 7am, do aerobics, do yoga, meditate, jog, then bathe, then this, then that after which…

What occurs? Well, inevitably, Monday morning rolls round and you do not even have the time or power required to do the stuff you deliberate to do.

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Why? Because you are a human being, not a machine. You might inform a pc to do one job for one hour, after which transfer on to one other job for an additional hour, and so forth, and it would not want relaxation or restoration between duties. But you aren’t a pc, and pauses and breaks between duties are important for you.

A number of instances, procrastination is NOT a private character defect. It is an indication, not that you simply’re not working onerous sufficient, however that you simply did not plan accurately. You did not bear in mind some wants you’ll have, together with the necessity for psychological breaks and pauses. You did not add unstructured time to your schedule to take care of distracting, however mandatory, “emergency” duties – like if you out of the blue have to drop all the pieces to assist your child discover their favourite stuffed animal. The smartest thing is to be sure to’re planning for the time and power you even have, not the time and power you’d have if you happen to had been some imaginary good superman/lady. Also, I do know there are specific issues that sound frivolous however are mandatory to hold me from getting burned out all through the day. They embrace listening to music and going for walks. Other individuals may have to journal, learn a guide, or browse the net throughout their workday. That’s OK. But put it in your schedule. If you do not, the necessity to do it is going to come up, stopping you from doing the duties you needed to do.

For instance:

Bookworm Betty is aware of she wants to pause throughout every day commonly to learn her guide. If she does not take particular breaks for it, she’ll be distracted by ideas in regards to the guide all day, and should merely take out her guide and begin studying, utterly neglecting necessary work duties. So she may give you a schedule like this:

9:00 – 9:45 am Read work e mail, crew assembly

9:45-10:00 am Read guide

10:00-10:45 am Work on PowerPoint

10:45-11:00 am Read guide

11:00-11:30 am Give presentation, take notes on others’ displays

And so on. The essential factor is, you probably have the liberty to do it, you must find time for what’s doubtless to be your greatest supply of distraction. It will be children, pets, an exercise you actually get pleasure from, something that’s doubtless to take time and power away from work it doesn’t matter what. Therefore, if you happen to plan for precisely when it is going to take that point away from work, you’ll be extra organized and productive.

2. You Don’t Know How to Handle Your Fear

More individuals concern public talking than dying. Isn’t that stunning?

So if sure work duties scare you greater than you suppose they need to, you are not loopy. Work duties may contain loads of fears. Fear of failure. Fear of embarrassment. Fear of being fallacious. Fear of being chargeable for issues. Fear of social judgment and mock. When I weblog, I concern unfavourable and bullying feedback, for instance. Someone could postpone doing a spreadsheet, as a result of they’re afraid to look silly if their numbers prove to be incorrect.

Even concern of success may be a problem. People can fear that in the event that they do too nicely, they’re going to seem like a ‘brown-noser’ and alienate their mates. They may fear about turning into another person or dropping themselves to please their boss or the corporate’s guidelines. Some individuals concern being promoted as a result of they do not need to deal with the strain related to higher duty.

The greatest method I take care of concern, since I’m a author, is by journaling. You can use journaling as a software for coping with concern of all sorts. Getting your worst fears out on paper is a method of letting the concern go. You’re not repressing it, you are acknowledging it in a wholesome method, after which shifting on.

For instance, I used to be afraid the opposite day {that a} sure individual was going to negatively choose sure habits I’ve. So I wrote an entire lengthy protection of stated habits, and why they’re an necessary a part of my private philosophy, on my iPhone. I wrote a response to all the pieces I used to be nervous that this individual would suppose or say about me. That method, I knew that if I had been confronted by them, I might have the ability to defend myself. Then, I used to be ready to work with this individual calmly and freed from concern. The confrontation I used to be nervous about did not even occur!

When journaling, simply suppose, ‘What’s the worst-case state of affairs I’m afraid will occur?”. Then, write it all down and then, write how you will handle or respond to that situation. That way, knowing you have a plan in your pocket for the worst thing you fear (which probably won’t even happen!), you will be able to proceed with confidence.

3. You Get Overwhelmed

Fear is a big, obvious emotion. But sometimes, we put off a task we meant to do without any obvious fear attached to it. We just didn’t get it done. What happened?

Maybe the problem was that the task was too big and complicated. When a task is like that, we don’t know where to start, so part of the back of our brain says “f*ck it”. So we don’t do any part of the task.

For example, my blog is about anime. For a lot of them, I review anime and manga based on the first 20% of the content. Since anime typically have around 25 episodes, this comes out to about 5 episodes most of the time. But sometimes, I’ll get a huge anime to deal with. For example, if an anime is 200 episodes long, 20% of it is 40 episodes! These are harder mentally to deal with, and it’s more likely that I’ll procrastinate on watching them.

What I do for that is work it out on my calendar. It’s not as overwhelming to watch 40 episodes if you spread them out across 4 episodes a day for 10 days, for example. You can stretch a large task across time if you plan for it in advance, and then you only have to do a little bit each day to keep the ball rolling.

Another important thing to do is to break any large, overwhelming task into many smaller tasks. For example, the task “market my guide on social media” is a big, broad job that requires a number of smaller steps. So as a substitute, planning to market a guide on social media may seem like this:

  • Research social media channels for advertising my guide: 10 am Tuesday
  • Choose which of those social media channels to use: after Step 1
  • Plan technique for selling my guide on FaceBook
  • Buy FaceBook promoting (determine on the quantity, write copy for the advert, launch advert marketing campaign)
  • Plan and purchase Google advert for my guide
  • Figure out how to get extra Amazon opinions for my guide – Research: Thursday, 2pm
  • Create a Patreon video to promote my guide – Friday, 9am

And so on. Maybe you do not have a single job. Maybe your ‘job’ is every week’s or perhaps a month’s value of smaller duties. So chop that job up, and will probably be much less daunting. We inform college students to do this with faculty and highschool papers.

4. You Try to Do Too Many Things at Once

“If you chase two rabbits, you will lose them both.” is a saying that captures the significance of narrowing down one’s focus. When we set objectives, lots of people discuss in regards to the want for SMART objectives. The first of those is ‘S’ for ‘Specific’. We are solely human. Since what we will do is proscribed, we now have to study to say “no” to some issues so as to spend our power and expertise pursuing what’s actually necessary.

One cause you may really feel overwhelmed or burdened by a job is that you simply’re merely including an excessive amount of to your plate, attempting to do an excessive amount of, and never focusing your efforts on one particular purpose. For instance, as an anime blogger, if I attempted to write about each new episode of anime that got here out, because it got here out, I’d by no means get it achieved. You have to have the ability to set limitations.

Further studying on the ability of “no”: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/240878

5. You Need More Social Support

This is usually recommendation for individuals working from house, however it may well have an effect on anybody, working in any type of setting. Since people are social creatures, different persons are going to affect our work. For instance, would you get extra achieved with a chatty coworker subsequent to you, or a coworker who, whereas pleasant, solely talked enterprise and that was it?

When you do business from home, any individuals you reside with are going to affect your work.

Obviously, some persons are disruptive, impolite, and never good work companions. Sometimes, you may be caught with individuals, children, or pets which can be a distraction.

But one other downside is that you simply want constructive accountability companions if you happen to’re going to work remotely or alone. A ‘ding’ from Alexa simply is not the identical as a textual content from an actual individual. You additionally want a coach or mentor. If you are caught right here, search for “free webinar + [whatever field you’re in]”, or search for programs associated to what you do on websites like Skillshare, Coursera, and Udemy. Or seek for “free workshop + [field]”. A number of specialists supply free programs, webinars, workshops, ebooks, and so forth. Sure, they’re usually there to direct you from their free content material to some sort of paid content material. But make the most of the free content material! It’s often worthwhile sufficient by itself. If you pay for a course, that often means you will get suggestions in your work instantly from the chief of the course. You might want that in order that you understand if you happen to’re not off course or want to change one thing you are doing.

Ask your self: Who am I accountable to if I procrastinate? Can I get anybody to remind me to do issues? Is there anybody I do know whom I might ask to be my accountability companion? For instance, if you would like to train extra, you may strive to discover a good friend who can also be attempting to train extra, and you’ll hold one another on monitor. When you could have a supportive individual serving to you keep in mind, it turns into more likely that you are going to do what you supposed to do.

Sometimes, once we procrastinate, we will find yourself feeling unhealthy about ourselves. And, typically we do not know why we procrastinated. Why did I spend an hour on FaceBook as a substitute of doing my laundry? Why did I learn that guide as a substitute of going to the fitness center? Why did I simply stare on the wall as a substitute of doing my work?

If you discover the attainable the reason why you may be procrastinating on sure duties, you’re extra doubtless to give you an answer, so that you’re extra productive sooner or later.

For instance:

  • Problem: I performed Tetris as a substitute of mowing my garden yesterday.
  • Reason: I haven’t got anybody residing with me to remind me to mow the garden.
  • Solution: I might ask my coworker good friend to ask me if I mowed the garden over the weekend, on Mondays.

Another instance:

  • Problem: I do all the pieces else at work, however am nearly by no means ready for my displays on time.
  • Reason: I concern public talking. Subconsciously, I keep away from desirous about displays as a result of they scare me.
  • Solution: I’m going to work on my concern of public talking. I’m going to strive writing about my worst-case state of affairs fears. This will assist me be extra assured, and procrastinate much less.

When you understand why, you may know what you want to change.

This article is correct and true to the perfect of the creator’s information. Content is for informational or leisure functions solely and doesn’t substitute for private counsel or skilled recommendation in enterprise, monetary, authorized, or technical issues.


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